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We help prepare students for the Licensing (LMSW) Exam

The social work licensing exam can be a source of stress and fear for many students. Adelphi is committed to providing its students with the guidance, tools and support they need to succeed.

Q: What is an LMSW?
A: LMSW stands for licensed master social worker. In New York State, the practice of social work and the use of the title LMSW requires professional licensure.

LMSW’s are permitted by law to the broadest scope of professional social work activities, including advocacy, case management, counseling, consultation, research, teaching, administration and management, and the administration of tests and measures of psychosocial functioning.

Q: Why do I need to be licensed?
To legally practice social work in New York State, social workers must be licensed, have a limited permit or practice in an exempt setting. Becoming licensed as an LMSW is essential for any master’s level social worker seeking employment (or wanting to remain employed) as a social worker in New York State.

Q: How Can Adelphi Help Me Prepare for the Exam?
A: At the Manhattan Center we offer licensing preparation services to current students throughout the course of their curriculum. Students are encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns that they might have– ranging from questions about the application process to worries about time management skills– with the on-site Coordinator for Licensing. There is a three-series test-taking workshop offered to all students each semester. The workshop assists students in learning study skills and strategies important to managing test-anxiety and facilitating effective test-preparation. Current students will receive a licensing practice question on their Adelphi email each week. During their advanced year of curriculum, students are welcome to begin scheduling appointments with the Coordinator for Licensing to attend tutoring sessions for test preparation.

Q: Does Adelphi offer a formal Prep Course for Licensing?
A: Yes. The School of Social Work provides a five-week Licensure Preparation Workshop for all M.S.W graduates. Adelphi coordinates with a reputable organization with experience in test preparation for the LMSW Exam. The licensure preparation series is provided to graduates at no additional cost as it is included in student tuition fees. This formal workshop is offered onsite at the Manhattan Center campus for students upon completion of graduation.

Q: What does the LMSW exam include?
A: The LMSW exam is a computer-based test containing 170 multiple-choice questions designed to measure minimum competencies in four categories of social work practice:

  1. Human development, diversity, and behavior in the environment
  2. Assessment and intervention planning
  3. Direct and indirect practice
  4. Professional relationships, values and ethics

Q: What are the New York State LMSW License Requirements?
The requirements are:

  • Have an M.S.W. from a New York State Education Department-approved social work program
  • Be of good moral character
  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Complete a two-hour training in child abuse identification and reporting
  • Submit the application and fee to the New York State Education Department
  • Pass the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) Masters Examination

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